My friend had just joined iTribe! Yay! I`m so happy because iTribe is really getting bigger and bigger. And the good thing is, they are close :O Haha! Speacially the 'always online' ones. :D So yes, We welcome her together with Pisiw and Pepperoni and a friend of them :D

    Yes, I`m the no-hair-girl on the left side :| Pisiw changed her`s and so I changed mine too. Lol. We were hyper and have lots of trip that time! And we even get naked :X

Pisiw, Charm, Me and Pepperoni

    Pisiw was naked too! but she said she`s shy XD That`s why she put her clothes on :D LOL!

    And also, we made an special formation on top of cheshire cat`s head And I think it looks fine. :X We had a hard time on making our poses the same because it was lag that time ><


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