Golden Armor

    OH! don`t miss understand wht I said ok? Well uhm...it`s bbit complicated to explain so don`t mind what i said. This pic is really funny! Gosh, Yeah, when I captured this picture and our lines are like this.. I was like... OMG O_O haha! Well, the truth is... Bry wanted to see the Legendary Suit wearing by Clover and he showed it to him. And then. I said to Bry to show his face to us..not just his pico.. and that`s the time he said I will. But I don`t get what Clover said... I think he meant that Bry doesn`t have to hide his face.

    And yeah, as usual...another paging happened. My internet connection disconnected again :|

-MaiRie Étoile


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