There`ve been a misunderstanding between É Royals and Hayashi Family. As you may know, Yasuo É is also part of Hayashi while he`s an Étoile. YES, this is forbidden in our family. But I would also like you to know too that "once you became an É, you shall not leave the family" as you agreed with it. 

    Yesterday, I noticed that Yasuo changed his name to Hayashi from É. I received a private message from him saying "I thought I`m not an É anymore so I changed my name. I hope you`re not angry with me" and I clicked him. His name is back to Étoile. Of course, I didn`t insist when he asked me "Can I be an Étoile again?"`cuz I never asked him to leave(and it`s impossible). 

    After a while, I received a message from Yasuo again and he told me that Hayashi has a problem. They are broken. Well, I won`t going to say their problem here. So we started to talk about that and since that the new decision is approved by other Étoiles -"To have new members for the 2nd generation and make the family bigger. Each Étoile could invite 'only one' to join. And the invited member can`t invite another"

    I just read a blog owns by one of Hayashi. And Étoile name is written there.

    It saids there "Whats more, Yasuo quit Hayashi and joined back Étoile." -A. Hayashi

 "To  be clear, I never removed Yasuo from Étoile.
And he just misunderstand some of my questions
and thought that he`s not an Étoile anymore. 
That`s why  he changed his name to Hayashi.
And I don`t see the point to have a war."

-MaiRie É

    Also, other Étoiles doesn`t have to do about this much and I think you don`t have to get angry with the others, they are innocent. It just happened that the new decision last week  and approved by the other Étoiles last March 7, 2011.

    "Not trying to start war with Étoile" -A. Hayashi

"And that`s impossible to happen and never.
Étoiles never had a fight and they have nothing
to do about this. And what`s the war for??? "

-MiaRi É


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