I was inside Happy Clover`s while doing my blog. When I checked my Pico, he`s already there beside me. We went into my room and talked many things about the Hottest News that Picos have been alarmed...The favorites and clothes hacking thingy and about Étoiles. He said he remembered me while he was working. Well not actually... it`s Étoile Royals-I won`t going to tell what`s that about :D. Matt was there too, we were somewhat like debating :3

    And  before I went to bed, I asked him if we could play reversi now. At first, he told me "maybe later" but I told him that I`l be off soon so we hurriedly wen there in Reversi 5 where only 2 of us playing *LOL It was a bit long and I thought I will going to loose. It`s been a while since I played this game :O I think i used the technique called "Interior Sweep" this time.

    Well, somehow... he was scarry >_>

-MaiRie Étoile


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