I was just spending my time the whole morning there inside my house, I AFK for about 15 minutes and when I came back, I saw me and my twins were sleeping with our cat :O WAO. I really like this picture, maybe one of the best picture of us <3 Well lately, our cats have been really sweet. Lol, IDK why. They usually sleep together :X I really wonder why, both of them are female tho. hmmmn? And because I was bored, I decided to make an event to invite people to come to my room :3

    And I was surprised this this girl is gonna visited my room. I always see her at casino since last year. Yes, an old player. I think she played before me. You`ve seen her before? Familiar. Well, if you`re always playing casino like black jack and slot... I think you`ve seen her for times. She`s Lady DQ a.k.a DQ♆紫紗姫系™.

    Her first approach was "Can I stab your cat?". Lol! That was scary! She`s goin to stab my caaatt!!! HEEEELPP!! haha! Oh, and the girl beside here was me. My browser was error that time,  I think. :X

Actually Lady DQ is nice. We talk a lot of things about Newbies, Casino, etc. And she`s funny. Lol. Before, I thought that she`s quiet type... but not really XD. 

    Saifer visited me too. Well, he`s always inside my house. And then another friend of Lady DQ(I think) came. I forgot his name!! :X Well, it was fun talking with them! <3

-MaiRie Étoile


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