Are you ready to rock?

    Awhile ago, Anna(my daughter) went online and then all Étoiles came into my room to have a family picture together with BM. But then, Anna suddenly disappeared and it`s like the purpose of our picture taking is gone. Bry and Matt told me to continue even tho we`re just few... and that time, my dad, White! also had to go and left us. Until others came, Jessica, Miyu, Ayame and Yumi. I asked them if they want to make band and then they said yes and we went in my room 2 and started to rock XD

    After we rock there in my room 2, Clover made an event for a fashion show and look! This is the new design of his room. At first I thought it is the Fashion Show in France Park but no... it was his room XD LOL. But not really, this is not for fashion show but for band :3 He actually performed on the stage while people were coming to watch him. LOL.

-MaiRie Étoile


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