Todavía Feliz

    There`s a lot of things happened to day. But still, I`m happy! Well, Mia and I were inside her market when a girl went close and she was like "OMG! I can`t believe I`ll see you here! I`m in Étoile Market!!" and I asked her if she knew us and she said yes :O! Lol! But it`S so bad I forgot to take her name :X And uh,.. Pink Princess?? was there too! I took a picture with her before.. it was actually long time ago :O

    Also, Bry and I took our 'It`s-been-a-while' picture at Gothic red mansion XD I was actually about to off that time when I followed him and say thank you for helping me a while ago :3 He`s really nice! :D

-MaiRie Étoile


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