I was doing my training in the middle of the night, well that was actually midnight...around 3:30AM. And I saw this guy at the leaping. I tried to ask him something because I was really curious with something. I tried to call him but it was soo lag! and then... he`s. I know I`ve seen him somewhere in pico. I think in casino. I even thought that he`s Sexquisite but when I found him, he`s not... 

   Then today, when I did the mission again. One of the iTribe members told me that someone already got the legendary item and he`s at the Japanese park, YES! As I thought.. the guy yesterday will get it first! YAY! XD

    I visited his house and messaged him and I never thought he would go into my house and asked about my question. I thought he`ll just ignore me! :| But he didn`t!

    After he answered my question... we went into his house and introduced me to his cousin, Matt and say "Meet my new friend" and I was like (O_O... he called me a friend?! :OO!!! Haha! I was so surprised `cuz I didn`t really expect that. And I`m so happy :D Besides, I really thought he`ll delete me after he help me but he didn`t instead, he said "I don`t really delete buddies, specially new friends :)". And I`m posting this blog to thank him :)

-MaiRie Étoile


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