[MaiRie]1st Anniversary Quest


    I just received an invitation from Edo a while ago. It`s a ninja quest! I hurriedly contacted my sis and she said she got her`s too.

    I went there at Jokomachi to see Sasuke and accept the request they sent me. And he gave me a ninja shoes.

    He asked me to see the Red Shadow and Blue Shadow ninja somewhere there in machi. I talked to them and the Red Ninja girl gave me a gift and I received my first item which is I have to collect up to 30..

    And then while I was cleaning there at Ooku Living room,... I encountered MiaRi there and she was surprised that I was wiping the gray part. And the other people who saw me laughed on us XD. FUN!It was like, I  made an entertainment XD

    After we clean there at Living room. We went back at Jokomachi together and bowed in front of the door. It saids there "The door will open if you have a good heart" WOW.

    And I saw Blue Shadow at the top. I didn`t knew it at first. And then, he came down and let me do the next quest. I just cleaned all over the room and it`s really tiring. You should do it continuously so that the blue meter won`t decrease.      
    And the next thing to do is to

    Lol, actually I was FALLING there... I enjoyed falling from the roof. I find it so cute that`s why I tried a lots of times! Maybe more than 10 times. AHAHAHA! And actually, you have to get the flag on the roof....

    And you shouldn`t run just like that. You have to be careful not to slip and fall from the roof... Like what happen to my sis once...

SO... XD

    And the next training was to passed through the people of Ooku. You shouldn`t be seen by them... or else.. you`ll go back from the start! And OH! I met someone there and he`s so funny! 

See this guy?

So I`m asking him if he wanted to become an Étoile too

and when you click him....

I actually don`t want to click okay... :)) If there is just a button of
"NO" I`ll click that lots of times. HAHAHA!

    And the last training was to cross the river...  I crossed with my sis and we find it soo hard :(
 I think it`s because that we don`t know yet the timing... and so we tried it many times...

Until we lost our onigiris :( 


    Well, I`ll just wait for tomorrow`s and see what happened next. I`m so exited to finish all trainings!! :3

-MaiRie Étoile


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