Meet our spanish friend! And I won`t going to say who she is... thinking that she doesn`t want it to be in public :D Well I think she`s a well-known Pico. And yeah, Me and my sis go shopping with her at french park and I really like our new dress... it`s like spanish culture too and also, we`re like about to dance Tango! Hahaha! :D

    I wasn`t able to buy the crown too. I dont have gummies right now :/ I spent everything in to my 3rd room and pico blocked the gifts again so... there`s no any other way to earn gummies fast :/

    After taking the previous pic, she asked me not to move and went somewhere... and I didn`t know.. she took a picture of us! Haha XD Lol. This friend is going to help me learn Spanish more... And I`m so happy! :3 After we talk she had to go because it was already 3AM in her country and she really have to sleep :O Lol.. time difference XD

    And after, I went at casino to check Mary`s pic there... The new dress is quite the same to her`s... but still... I like it! <3 I played a little and made my 30k c$ to 40kc$ but sad to say,,... I lost my 30kc$ and 10kc$ left.. and before I lost everything again... I bought the the violet casino shades and it`s 8,000c$. So right now. I have 2,000c$ plus :(

    And met this girl. She`s ♨Ⓚ∅ⓅⓁⓐⓀ♨ ALYA and really nice. We played together at casino and I was telling her what move she`ll do... and it`s a good thing that she`s winning with my suggestions :D 


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