Japanese X French


    I wonder who will win the jack pot. I wish someday I could be a millionaire in casino too. But I wonder when... :| Well, my sis and I had been playing for whole night and both of us earned c$ ^0^. Auto Clicking helps a lot you know! ; )

    Well, of course... as our usual routine is completing our gummies right after our meter refreshed. We started on my twin`s house. And Yeah, she made an event about her foot ball house and many people came. LOL. She earned 25 rings within 1min o_O Gosh. I miss that! LOL.

     Then after, together with Matt and Clover. We went at cafe in France to get a star together but.... We`ve been waiting for more than a minute and the waiter isn`t coming!! Until we decided to go and check the other server cuz the waiter looked stocked. And at the other server, the waited served us buy Mia and I wasn`t able to get a star when we drink the water TT__TT. Well that was other pico`s water drink. hahaha! We stole it. So take note: Drink your won drink to get star!!

Then after, we went at Champs-Élysées to get star(Well I already have one :3)

    The red carpet rolled out as soon as we arrived. Clover and Matt bought their new clothes from the designer and we start modeling and someone even thought I`m a model. LOL. I WISH I AM! >3<

    After we finished our business there, we went at DQ`s house for fashion show. Well these days, Étoiles have been doing some fashion show arround pico and somebody`s room. I think they love it. It`s fun though. :)

    And it`s been a while since we saw my dad. I think he`s busy in real but it`s a good thing that he could still go online. I introduced Clover and Matt to dad and it was the first time they meet each other. Of course, we won`t miss some picture taking!

(Inside DQ`s house)

    This was taken inside DQ`s room 2. I really love this room! We look like a doll inside a frame just like some Hina Matsuri display~

-MaiRie Étoile


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