iTribe was inside our palace(?)-LOL. Awhile ago and some guest and we took some pictures. It`was really fun! These days, we`ve been seeing each other a lot again and I really like it! :D MaiRie, I love you, I hate you, MaRie, the "guest", YAsuo, Chick(2) and Me are in the pictures.

    And you can really notice the MOST different there on pic. YES, that`s Chick(2)! And I love it specially when we took a picture when she was in the middle...


    And then after, we went at Eunice <3`s house to help her earn more rings and L`Heure Bleue was there too! And this is the first time we took a picture with her. :D You know time difference :| And I`m kindda sad `cuz I wasn`t there!! NOOO!! :X

-MiaRi Étoile


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