[Gacha] Pink & Sky Blue Chess Item!


    Ameba Pico has a new gacha. Pink and Sky blue colored chess! It`s Mia and My color! Pink and Blue!! Yay! Well, to be honest, we dont really like it. Just surprising that the color were our color coding. hmm. Weel, I think it`s not really a good idea. Well, some liked it...some doesn`t `cuz the original color is the best! "I would love if the put back the original one, I`m more prefer with that" one of my friend said while we were there inside the room. "I think the blue color is better than pink, pink looks like...."Well, I agree with her, I`m more prefer with the Original Color... Looks so Royal unlike this new one but I tried once.

    Hearing from bry that he  got the "pink" royal outfit just for one spin. And guess what! I got a pawn -____- Yeah, I`m actually unlucky with gachas.... I hope someday, I could get all lucks in pico! :X haha XD

    And, Both Bry and I were surprised when this girl passed behind us. Shes the first pico I saw wearing the pink gown andShe looked like Ranzi. Bry and I were actually laughing  when we saw her. Ranzi`s girl version. XD Well, the truth is... hmm.. I rather call her an half Étoile. She`s actually Ranzi Étoile`s daughter that`s why they are look like and we`re look like. `Cuz before, Ranzi copy my face :3

    Her Pico name is kape-chan. She actually spend about 3000+ AG but she got the crown about 200Age. WAO! Lucky GIRL~

-MaiRie Étoile


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