[MiaRi]1st Anniversary Quest

      When my sis told me about the new quest, I hurriedly started it and followed her as I can... And I find the quest quite interesting... so I bought the new suit... XD

    So yeah, I received my first gift from Red Shadow and then talked to the other ninja, Blue Shadow...then Sasuke and then he asked me to clean at Ooku living.

    I saw my sis wiping te gray part of the living room. She looks so funny cuz she`s cleaning "NOTHING"!! XD I told her to wait for me because I`m going to clean the living room too and do the next mission together.

      After  wiping there at Ooku Living Room, We went at Dojo to do our next training. At first, sis can`t do the training... I don`t know why but I finished it before her. And there were lots of people there... that`s why sis had a hard time to finish her`s.

    And I had to leave her because she should still do her`s. And when I was about to go to my next training.. I gave Blue Shadow my farewell kiss. HAHAHA!

    and the next training is to reach the flag on top of the roof at Jokomachi. It is my most favorite training!! I like to slide on the top of the roof... It'so smooth for me.

    But I also fell, like.. once... and I get it after XD I actually fell infront of my sis and she got surprised when someone fell in her front and she thought I`m a trap. HAHAHA!

    And the next is at the Back Street of Jokomachi. Where you have to pass the road w/o being seen by those scary guards. And when you hide for long, your cover will going to disappear and you`ll be seen so be careful! :D

    And the last training is you have to cross the river through water lily`s leaf. This is fun too! I like jumping there.. but if you don`t know the timing.. you`ll get sink :O

    We sink there, both of us until we lost our Onigiri :/ So  we decided to continue it tomorrow.

-MiaRi Étoile


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