I just started Ameba Pico

This post is for the Ameba Pico Starters.

Welcome To Ameba Pico
    Ameba Pico is the English version of Ameba Pigg in Japanese version by Cyber Agent. Are you planning to play Ameba Pico? Well, I`ll show you how easy to make an account! Now, let`s start.
Sign in on http://pico.ameba.net/ or Log in through your Facebook to plug in. I`m recommending you to make your Pico through facebook so that you can get free gifts from your friends/buddies!  

    After choosing your gender, you`re going to customize your look: Face, Front hair, Back hair, eye brows, eyes, nose, mouth,mole and make up(if you choose female)

    Then, Get started! When you click 'Play Pico' Chloe is going to visit your house to guide you for the basic steps to get gummies.


    When you finish this, Chloe will send you back to your home and that will be the start of your virtual life in Ameba Pico World

See  Ameba Pigg Video Guide

-Étoile Sisters


Caroline said...

Great guide :) I'm sure it'll be helpful for newbies.

I remember when I started Pico in October 2010...I found it through a Youtube ad xD

αℓιcɛ ℓɛɛ said...

MaiRie or Miari , how can you make a video in youtube? i wanna join this VIP pico family please:)

Étoile Biggest Fan said...

MaRie and MiaRi can i join ths pico Family..??? :'D plz... im ☆¢øøкιє Bee☆...!!! plz...!!! ty

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