"Oh Shit..well their in Etoile + I'm a NINJA now cause I'm close getting the LEGENDARY NINJA outfit..=| I'm gonna go and join the NINJA SPIRIT clan in order to get more NINJA PICOS well...I hate the Etoiles my bro & sis deleted me well i don't care...if they post me,report me I don't care......=|I think Yasuo is in love with MaiRie o.o cause he is protecting her ALWAYS well i think so..well...I still have friends they thought i'm a lonely person with an EVIL HEART..good thing...is happening to me well I'am gettin happier when i am not with them.....well i think that once i get the LEGENDARY NINJA OUTFIT i might be able to run EXTREMELY faster than the Ninja Costume..ahhem..well Enjoy"

-K. Hayashi

    I`ll tell you a story. Long time ago, Yasuo invited Kiyoshi a.k.a Neku that time to Étoiles but I said no. You know Étoile rules... some are broken already and I`m doing my best to fix and and I don`t want to have more problems specially that time. So yeah, I rejected him. from that time, he started to hate me... say bad things... Like I`m feeling like I`m the Queen of Pico. I stink. Étoile Suck and many more. He doesn`t really know me to say something like that. And I know since that time, he feels like this. Well, I think I would say.... Étoile is bit popular now *clears throat* specially when I was in Hot 1. He adds the popular picos.... and expect that almost of them are his friend and I`m the only one(?) who rejected him. You know.... 'no-random-adds'. And he got really angry and saying many lies about me.

    Want me to prove it? Someone send me this link and I won`t publish her name.

    WHICH ARE ALL LIES. As what I said, he doesn`t know me well and what the hell he`ll going to say something like this about me? And LET ME CLEAR! Kiyoshi doesn`t hate Étoile.. but me! Yes! Only me! And FYI. MaiRie Étoile will never get jealous/envy with someone. I admit that I wanted scooters like the guy that he said but he`s not the only pico who is Rich? DUH! I`m proud of my self and what I have now! And he`s  saying that I`m rude.. selfsih. And he`s describing it wrongly.

Selfish because I asked others to help me for picture. Wow. So the one who ask favor is called selfish now? :D
Rude he called me that before. Because I was ignoring him to be an Étoile.

And there`s lot. Yumi, Miyu, Jessica knows me well than him.

     I don`t know why you hate me like that, and don`t ever say Étoiles. I know that you hate me from the start Kiyoshi. I tried my best and give you some advices before when you got problems with your ex-sisters but I don`t know how you got me wrong. 

    Got a problem with I`m-feeling-like-a-Queen-of-Pico? Well excuse me. I`m not a Queen of Étoiles... let me clear you that. Gosh I hope someday you get mature and we don`t think you got the bad heart. Just that you are over reacting and saying too much like you`re saying you lost too much. Can`t you atleast watch your action? You`re daring me you know... and I don`t like it. Maybe someday I`ll give you a reward. 

"MaiRie Étoile`s Best Hater 2010-2011"
    And I hope you stop saying lies about me... you can earn 'nothing' with that. I hope soon after this became clear. You`ll be quet and stop saying our family name. I hope u understand me before. That`s all.

-MaiRie Étoile


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