These days, the hacking on Ameba Pico is getting worst even though they already increased the security. We all know that the  mosth hacker`s target are the picos who are in the Hot 30 and AG users right now. About 6 of my friends are hacked and most of there were in Hot 30. As the rumors spread, the hacker is known as nightмare. I`m sure that Ameba Pico is receiving many reports about this specially from the Hot 30 Room owners. And this made alerts everyone specially when the Hot 30 Rooms started to close and became the Hottest news. If Ameba Pico can`t do anything about this problem to stop, I think it would be better if they remove the HOT Rankings temporarily until they increase the security or remove it permanently. We don`t really know the reason why this Pico hacks, but there is some possibilities that there`s something behind it. Clothes are changing, Favorites are loosing, Favorites are gone, Clothes are gone and Decor items are gone. This is one of the possibilities that you got hacked. Some are already dressing like a noob to protect their own.

    Don`t you think that the hacker is doing too much? Don`t you think that the hacker has something to do about Cyber Agent? He`s like doing some revenge :| And I just like to say that. It`s not safe already until Ameba pico do someu pdate that they have already increased the security again. So you should be alarmed for your own too. Be careful. Because what happenin right now is not right. It`s actually too much.

    Well, still... it depends on you on how you`re going to increase your pico protection. As long as you think it would help you, then do it.

-Lock your room before you get offline
or change the setting to "Buddies only" or "No one.
-Don`t tell anyone your e-mail and password.
-Dress like a noob

    There`s a lot of possibilities why the hacker is doing this. Maybe there`s something bad happened. Yes, he`s doing too much but maybe he got reasons.

-MaiRie Étoile


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