I checked out my pico. Lol. We talked lots of things specially about with hackings these days.

    Many Picos are alarmed now with the Favorite and Clothes hacking thing. I don`t know who`s doing it but one of Étoiles is investigating already. There`s already a suspect but still, I`m not sure if that pico is doing this bad thing. And for now, I`m not going to say in public for now for some reason.

    Two of Étoiles are victim with this hottest news. And both of them got 0 Favorites. Some of their friend`s clothes got hacked too.

    I want every picos to be alarmed about this  problem that anyone could be a victim. As for now, do not tell anyone your account because there is a way that even you changed your password... you can still get hacked.

Some tips that could help you become a victim: 
-Do not tell anyone your account.
-Lock your room for awhile or only your buddies can enter.
-Get look like a newbie to avoid being target.

    I`m posting this to make you everyone to be alarmed and get awaken to what`s happening around you. So please take care off your picos well.

-MiaRi Étoile


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