La D'un appel et La Promesse


    I decided to call them all who are involved with the problem as you see my previous post. We do the hearing inside Yasuo`s house to make the fight end. Well, not actually fight... It`s a misunderstanding that became bigger. *sighs* Well, I let them talk one by one to say their own feelings about what happened and I thought that will be the best idea that I think would work. Yeah, every one talked.. and Bry helped me out. 

    And yes, in the end... everything became clear and I`m right with my thoughts. And good thing that they forgive each other already. I asked them if there`s no hard feelings and they said yes. I will be expecting with their words because I don`t really like fights at all.


    Also... at last! I was able to talked to Kiyoshi. Everything cleared. He told me that he said those things on propose. Yes, he used me :| Well, I asked him to ask for my forgiveness because he really done too much(Well. still, it`s better if he did it by himself..w/o me asking him) and he promised that he will never do it again. 

    This is his 2nd promise and I hope he won`t going to break it. This picture will be the proof of his promise. I really hope he stop saying bad thing about me... specially with Étoiles. :)


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