I'm so happy today! And I don't know how am I going to explain on how I am so thankful! Well, actually, I just got my birthday present from my old friend here on pico. I've already posted him before here on my blog but I am not going to mention his name due of some privacy. I'm really thankful and I don't know how am I going to explain it. I've tell him that word so many times already and I can't really express how I feel! I hope he know how happy I am!

    Ok, so yeah. I can't really believe it. We've been friends for more than a year and I knew him here in this virtual Game. He was actually my "old boss" because I was a member of his clan and it poof just because she went for vacation and when he came back, his members are gone. That was sad. Well, I never said "I quit" anyway. I just removed the clan name on my description.

     Okay, so let's go back to the topic. I received his birthday through facebook credits. This is actually my first time on buying Ameba Gold Through facebook credits! And it made me think to try finding it somewhere here in Japan. I really want to make contest for everyone. I want to do it w/o opening their accounts! Just like this. So easy to give <3

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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