Can't breathe

    I've been saying this for like, 2 moths and yes... I've been suffering within two months. I'm really tired on deleting my items over and over again and I don't know anymore what to recycle. I've been waiting for the 50G recycle but it's not comng!!! I'm afraid that, when I delete my stuffs, the campaign might come so,.. should I just wait? :(

    As long as possible, I don't want to delete my Gummy items because I might need them someday for video or something and besides, I treasure my noob items because those are my memories. Should I really say goodbye to them now?? :( Well, I don't have that much of gummy items anyway but I really want them to me! What should I do?? :(

    Well for now, I'll try to be like this and wait 'till December. It's so impossible if they won't have that event for this year! I must have hope for more time... I have to be more patient ><

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


вєтsey❤נσнnѕση said...

I think you should delete your newb items bcuz its better to have new items and i dont think you will need your newb items anymore

Karin said...

I think that u should delete those items in ur closet that u have many of !!

If u have any item in ur closet twice or thrice organise it !!

And i don't think that recycling event will be held !! Its someway far ^ ^

Suju Lover said...

I know what you mean. Deleting Your Noob items is heartbreaking. What if you made TWO accounts. One noob & one AG. It might be easier. It'll take time for the 2nd account to earn gummies but you've gotta try.
Stay Beautiful(:

Chocola,Vanilla And Minthe said...

juz delete ur halloween item that get 2x or 3x ??

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