New GM Gacha


    Check out the new gacha in GM Games Area and get these cool stuffs! Sadly, this gacha is expensive than usual one. It cost 10,000 GM per spin. Really wondering why they should have make these gacha expensive than just make it as a "service" for their users to get cool items in cheaper way.

    Remember, they released the shop where you could buy gummies through Ameba Gold? Don't you think it's the reason why they made the past gachas expensive is to earn more money from their users. Oh please? There's no free in this world any more. And this is why their users intend to cheat, is because they can't afford the items these past few days. I understand that. And I'm wishing that  someday, they'll make their items cheaper than now. since most of their users are just students.

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


DeniseSPascual said...

I like Ameba Pigg more than Pico actually, Pigg have Pico's AG actions which they sell for only a token, and Pigg has more beautiful places/parks than Pico. PICO, Y U NO LIKE PIGG? XD

~Carie Elite

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