Birthday Party

    It's been a while since Neko onlined! We were in Jean's room when I saw his online status and I  hurriedly went into his room together with Mommy Aya and some other friends. We went in his room and introduced him to my friends who probably doesn't know him and then he hosted a Birthday Party for me in his house!

    At first, we had a small gathering in his 1st room until he invited us to go in his 3rd room and we had a bath-time there! Well it was fun and relaxing~ And Domo was there too! Yay! It's been a while since I bond with Étoiles after 2 weeks getting busy in real for the preparation for my examination and for the Étoile events.

    After taking a bath, we went to his 2nd room and he changed his "room of golds" to a hunted mansion!!! AAAaaaa-------------!!

    Then after, he changed his hunted house to a normal room! We had a balated-birthday-party for me and it was fun! Our visitors danced and they were too cute to watch!! <3

    Thank you Neko for spending time again! You're going to be busy again and can't online pico that much. That's sad! Well, I pray for your good health ^^

Also, I would like to thank BryWIJ for his Gift!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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