Halloween 2011 ENDS~

    How's everyone doing? I know most of you have been enjoying the Halloween season for this year! Thomas had just announced that everything about Halloween will be gone on 10th of November so it means everything is going back to normal!!


Hi, everyone This is Captain Thomas! I have important announcement today!
I am sad to inform you this but…..
All the Halloween Parks, Areas, and Items will be gone by November 10th on Thursday

Don’t miss out!!! This is the last chance you can get Halloween Items!!!!!"


    Aweee!! I'm going to missed the Halloween season! It means we have to wait for 2012's Halloween! It's another year of waiting~ Well, I wonder who's and who's are still playing the game xD Well, if you're sad because Halloween is ending, well, cheer up because soon Christmas is coming!! So get ready for the VEEEEERRRRRRYYYYY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Maintenance again! ;)

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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