Everything started when líввч lєє♥ told me about him and I *RenjheneI* using my second account to listen and ask him about this thing and posted it on our blog Truth of Rumors. He said its líввч lєє♥ and it made him tell people that I'm a hacker and make a new blog for Me to show I'm a hacker and his first post Proof. Lol. You should have done that RIGHT AFTER YOUR ITEMS ARE GONE? It's already June 11 when you started moving!


    líввч lєє♥ asked him about when I hacked him as what he's saying. He said "Ages ago. Like last month" Lol, he's not sure when I hacked him? Instead of saying that it was after his birthday? Look, he said "Like 2991". Didn't he said he got 2000 Ameba Gold and I spent his stuffs? Aaaa, you'll just see he's saying so random when it's about the AG left to him.


    You mean I hacked you when I was busy in hot 30 and spending my time with Étoiles? Jean Royal Étoile (Click to see the post). I asked you on a event? Where? IN MY ROOM? FYI, I don't visit people's event that much? How can I split my self? AND FYI, it's Friday, I'm busy in real life! MWF! I got dance practice and go home aorung 6:30pm then teach my bro, eat,study etc. AND I had a time to hack you?! Oh, wait why  should I say the "me" in real life.

    Anyway, what event was that? Lol, I think I'm gonna feel embarrassed to asked you that questions in front of MANY PEOPLE and they're seeing I'm going to hack you. LOL. As I know, I used to stay inside my room with my twin or we play casino or go somewhere when there is new places? Or follow the online Étoiles and play with them or talk to my room visitors?

    This followed his 2nd post, SHES MEAN TOO! . Which he sounded like he's crying saying "She's mean too!" Does he mean that I'm mean as him? Haha! Anyway, on this blog post, he posted here that I said "hayzt" means *sigh* in Tagalog Language. OOPS? Maybe he's a Pinoy? O_O As I know, most of our blog audience are from Philippines. Well, I can't really tell. I'm not sure. Yeah, that "hayzt" is edited. I don't use "Z" for "S" and I don't say "hayzt" instead of *sigh*. You can see on his post my lines there, that he copied w/o it's continues. My words are cut! Check here to see our conversation to know why I said those stuffs, the the TIME. And he said I said something nasty. "I was the one who hacked" lol. As I know, I said "I was the one who got hacked" (Well, Étoile and other people who were inside my room know this). LOL NASTY? As I know, he called me bitch from the first place? Check our 3rd post about some of this ->Perfect Loser

    Oh hey, I am going to admit this. People might think this is mean but. I called him moron, dumb, stupid, boring and loser. Well, it's how I feel and just think if you are on my situation right now. It's actually too much and I don't really find it to my self that I said WRONG because he's the one who said something wrong. HACKER+SHES A BITCH. I got an experience before, I don't really argue and I just talk nicely as long as I can please. But then my mom and my friends told me that I'm too good and if it is too much... I have to say something that's why I said it and I won't take them back. I always say to Étoiles that when someone do bad thing to them, the should do something. They should do THE SAME THING. 

     And his next blog post, Not enough proof -He show there that I talked to him and said STFU and words that I never said to someone. My sis investigated and there's a new poser of me called "MaiRie ÉtoiIe" yes, with different spelling.- and posted another one like he's saying all Étoiles are hackers ->Are they ALL hackers?!?. And REPORTED! me because I hacked him month and a week ago? Hahaha! Better check my twin's post Always an Angel and see how everything is going on. HE'S LIES. This is actually our reply with his 3 post.

     JUST A DEVIL, a reply from him and trying to answer my twin's blog post. You'll see the he's NOT really answering it. He's saying something random, like denying and say he have to clear something. HE'S ERROR. Something is wrong with him! Lol. And check out his room flooring and seems like he's making it a big deal.



This is the flooring that he was using when I FIRST VISITED his room.


And change it to orange flooring to prove he have it before.

    Isn't obvious that he just changed his flooring because my sis talked about the fake "ME"'s room? And this guy said he took the pic of our conversation that you can see from my sis' post, Always an Angel. But he said he bought it when he started ameba pico using his 5 tokens. Does it mean he's admitted that he's a NOOB?!

    Also, what's with the fake ME who SUDDENLY appeared and obviously new born pico. POSSIBLY the hacker one. I won't hack somebody and get interested with someone's account and argue or so something w/o any reasons. I WON'T HACK A PICO BELOW ME! Maybe the fake me is the one who hacked him? LOL. How could I ever talk to him like that when we are not buddies and NEVER? How could we talk like that from the EVENT that He's saying? IF NOT, When was it? He just posted it after the post he said I told him some nasty stuffs and that was the time the FAKE MaiRie appeared. LOL. After we talked to my friend's room I just went into my room to review the happenings and it's surprising to see me say STFU. IDK What does STFU mean! I never say that only WTF and WTH long time ago lol.

    And he's depending him self about the fake Me ->My Closet/ Floor in my house/ Fake Mairie?. Like he's really admitted that there are so many posers of me. 

    And he just posted this one because someone from our fan page suggested. ->HAVE I BEEN BLINDED THIS WHOLE TIME?

    Oh wait, I just said noobs. He said that I deleted his buddies right? Lol, if those people are his real FRIENDS. Shouldn't they spamming me on my board as well? Saying "WHY DID YOU HACKED MY FRIEND?!" last month or these past few days. BUT NO. WAIT, DO YOU HAVE FRIENDS? I think most of the people added you are the ones who's telling him to stop his craziness. Hmmm. All the messages I see are the people who think he's crazy. Haha! And he seemed to be like he's blaming me that because of me, people are spamming him. Lol. That's not my fault. Oh, btw. I won't get surprised if suddenly one of your friends? spam me haha Maybe because you read it.

    Also, I'm aware of other things too. Making many accounts is possible. Changing names, clothes and faces will do too. Copying someone's Avatar with some fake characters to show something FAKE. I know everyone is aware with that. RIGHT? Also, this *RenjheneI* is possible as a 2nd account of somebody... and I'm aware there are spies? hmmm... lalala♪

    I just said that he's probably someone's second account. And he/she got bored. LOOK!

Zack Davis commented on her link.

    Sorry if the resolution of the pic is low. I took this through my iPad and cropped it then send it to my phone and send it on my fb and download it. Well, if this is not enough, better you look on HIS? HER? Facebook  :) or maybe...


MaiRie Étoile x MiaRi Étoile and Sexquisite's Page? Lol, Why Étoiles only? Where are you friends? As I know you got some last time,... you deleted them? Why? For your own safety? Haha! LONER

Many people are saying just leave this issue out. Should I?

Also, I would like to say Thanks specially to those people who are supporting me around and others who just read :).
-I may not mention everyone here but still, thank  you!

Étoile Royal Family
Gαв ℓαяαмιє
☮ ςúρςαḱє ☮
Alice ϟ Rocks
Ŷυкι ιтѕυýα♥
[VE] anne
Blue тυяιтѕυ
F☆O angeladomo
F☆O + Neo F.
Choco тυяιтѕυ
Nargacuga Nyo~
♪ Tiffany ♪
۞ ✿鏡音リン囧✿κξ✔۞§
♥◡♡ⓜ i f f y♥U


Marty ™
hey hey<3
alòis 瑶 ♡


-MaiRie Étoile
I was actually lazy doing this blog post.
"But you put on quite a show,
really had US going.
But now it's time to go, curtains finally closing...
That was quite a show, very entertaining..
But it's over now...
Go on and take a BOW" :P


BryWIJ said...

I got nothing more to say Mai, Totally terrific conclusion and rev-up all the talks between you and him :D Theres nothing to add for this post, its perfect to conclude the current problem. Mai, we (Etoile's n other Pico-ers) all still supports you in anyway.

Kemas A. said...

Mai you can sing lol XD
BTW what HAYZT mean? 0.oa

Etoile Sisters said...

As I know, it means sigh.


Gaby Is A Dreamer said...

Yay thanks for saying that I support you! Anyways, I hope God sees what this dude has done. Lying, Cursing, and turning good into bad is something that would get the Lord angry. May he be re payed horribly for what he has done. God bless you MiaRi :) Love, Gαв ℓαяαмιє
Oh and P.S my blog http://www.fireflowerpico.blogspot.com/ and the blog I just started guest writing on - http://picoperfect.blogspot.com/ support you :)

Kaity said...

Mai. It's best to leave that stubborn idiot alone. No matter how much you fight back, he will never declare his loss.

Thanks everyone in the pico community for helping Mai.

We should leave this case a rest and move on.

BryWIJ said...

We Should also thanks to Ameba Pico Staff who also help us pico-ers so we can have a better positive gameplay. They actually take care of this Rhen guy..idk where he/she is now, its like he/she doesnt exist anymore.

Keziah said...

Geez Mai ;) We will help you ALWAYS when your in trouble we are on your side lol . :)
well i said to my friends to report that gaylord idk if we can see him again lol xD

jewell said...

I/We SUPPORT you! ALWAYS ! MaiRie! ;D

Efren John said...

i think i solve it! my guess - he's just copy and pretending to be the owner of the proud to be pinoy 2 hotel and people says he's not because he got no ameba gold stuff, so he made a lie that MaiRie Hack him - not sure if its correct but it makes perfect sence

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