I really find it cool when everything around me on pico is gray and Picos are naked! That's actually the most awesome thing in pico world -i think XD. So yeah! LOOK!


    See? Isn't cool?! This is actually the 2nd time I saw everything white and gray on casino! The first time was long time ago.. and I didn't able to take a picture because it wasn't on my head XD Well, I was with Cat Étoile here, she's beside me. She was playing BJ and I followed her to meet and go at shop lounge to go shopping and buy a white tiger! Yes! We got a new family member XD Btw. I think, with this pic... I think it's better if the picos are naked too, like the first time I saw it haha XD

    And this is the 2nd one. Cookie called me to see this unique room and yeah! IT WAS AWESOME! ALL GRAY! It's not error but it's really set to be like this. And it you check her board, it's proves that not just me, and other Étoiles see this gray room. Isn't cool? I want to share this to everyone, where you can find it but... I don't have the permission of the owner so, I can't tell ><.

-MaiRie Étoile


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