Happy Birthday Pure♦Dark


    We celebrated her 1st birthday together with my other pets! Shainon(black tiger) and MaiJiro.(white tiger) I didn't really expect it and I just thought now, I've been playing this game for a year already with her! I remembered that I bought her and her first name was 祐っぴ (Yuuppi) before it became pure then Pure♦Dark.

    I remembered that I was asking people in Japanese Park 1 how to get a pet and they told me it's Ameba Gold. And that time, I didn't have any idea what are they talking about XD But anyway, when I get aware of everything around me... I started free offers and I did like 39 offers and only 5 of those were passed and I got exactly 400AG and I bought her and be with me everyday.

    This cat knows my story here in virtual world. I just wish that she can speak so that she'll be the one who'll tell my story, Our story. I was really happy when I bought her and I'm really proud having her.

-MaiRie Étoile


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