[Video]Legendary Ninja Quest

    Here`s my video while doing the training using my second account, ♣LUCKY♣-I changed his name from ♣CLOVER♣- and see some of my advices. I got so many typos too,... I hope you don`t mind. I was actually in hurry because, I thought that the video shouldn`t take that lol :X

-Be Patient, you really need it...you really have to do the trainings perfectly.
-When the special box didn`t appear...it means you fail.
-When you got failed, try going to other servers and don`t waste your energy and time on the same server where you got mistake `cuz you`ll never get it.
-Always zoom out your screen so that your Ameba Pico screen won`t move.

Ooku Living Room
-Just wipe on the left- upper side. Make sure you won`t stand while wiping.
-Don`t step on the other side (outside the area). If that happened I`m sure that you got a mistake.

Getting the Flag
-As what you saw from the video, you should go straight to the base.
-There are 3 types of traps and not 2 it and it has to do with the time, it changes when it`s Day and Night.
-If you went to the place where you get the special box and not straight to the base, you`ll fail.

-Don`t let your scarf touch the floor means...don`t stop running until the special box appear.
-Also, don`t try to get the normal boxes. If that happens, your scarf would touch the floor.
-Zoom out your screen so that.

Back Street
-When you got caught means you failed. Go and try other servers.

River Side-Leaping
-Always go forward.When you jump on your sides or when you go back means you fail. The Special Box won`t appear.

   Well, I hope you like it and I hope that I helped somehow. Good Luck guys! :)

-MaiRie Étoile
 (modified: 3/24/2011)


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