New Étoiles and Guests


    Well, wigs are back!! I followed Nicky at NYC Downtown and she said "I`ve been wanting this wig for long! So happy it`s back!!" AndI`m happy for her because wish is granted :D And take a look to our picture together! LOL! NINJAS! IKR we look like twins.. haha! Well this is a proof that she`s one of us... resemblance. And it just happened that we`re look a like.

    And look, we took a picture inside my house with other Étoiles. with the new family members. YES! Lord Bry is back!!! Just yesterday! I thought he`ll not be back anymore >< Me and my brother and sister have been missing him for long.


    And since he`s back, we had a small party with some guest. Fumika Okana and a friend of hers. And I`m so happy we`re complete! Somehow :D Morethan the half lols!

    And this, Requested by Miyuki. Shewanted to take a picture in pink. HAHA! but the others had to go :|

    Also, I would like to congratulate Jad Further for being in HOT3. He really wanted to go up more before and now it happened! Grats Jad! I`m so happy for you. I`m thinking to go back in hot 30 too when I finished my rooms :D

    But these days, there`ve been some issues about Favorite Hacking and Clothes Hacking. That`s so bad. Why people think to do it :O It`s so bad! :| It`s stealing :( I hoped the hacked picos can take back their lost items/fave :(

-MaiRie Étoile


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