Around Pico


    Yeah, that`s me with [DIMA] AnGeL14 and ENINAJ 1. I was in Tagalog Park and joined them. Gosh! I was really bored. Actually, I`m here at the hospital right now...taking care of my bro-in real and there is nothing to do. Good thing that I have my laptop anywhere I go. So yeah, they were about to throw my body and no one helped me. *cries* LOL

    And it`s been a while since I visited reversi again. I lost with 2 grand masters 5 times. Maybe I should practice again T_T I feel that I lost something in me when it`s about reversi. I saw purapura at Reversi 1. And it`s been a long time since I talked to him. We played and I won-this was my 6th game- and I was really surprised cause I can`t really beat him :X I also asked him about mako chan but he told me as he search his Pigg... that he really stopped playing. *sad* I wish Mako come back someday....

-MaiRie Étoile


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