Étoiles at Casino

    I was playing at Casino when I received a message from Catgirl Étoile  if we could play together and so, I followed her While playing slots :]tina 'Etoile followed me and we played slots together and our goal was to win the JACKPOT. I hope its really easy to win the jack pot  since 1 million is really hard to earn.

    My winnings are really close to jackpot and I wonder when they`ll line up. Playing Slot forever is really tiring and boring ;__; and sometimes, I can`t help it... I play Black Jack and lost my c$s T__T

    And yeah, A while ago... I got bored in Slot and Played BJ. I met a new friend, ιηυ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶. We were playing at the same table and lots everything we have at the same time and we ended playing Slot again :(

    After she got satisfied with her c$. I continued on playing slots while she went at Black Jack normal. :]tina 'Etoile followed me agian, and then we talk about lots of stuffs. I also asked her if I could take a picture of her for her pet`s picture and for my next blog`s layout inside my house.


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