Lucky Girl

    It`s me, MiaRi blogging today:3 Well, Ameba Pico have a new Premium Gacha called "Welcome to Supermarket!!"(Click to visit the Official Announcement). Well yeah, the colors are Blue, Pink and Green. 

Items List:

Special Items:

Rare Items:

     My twin, MaiRie recieved a message from our lil bro, Yasuo about the Green gacha that it`s only 10 gummies and my sis told me about it and we both played the Green Gacha and Completed the needed items to get the wall and apron.

(Inside my Convenience Store・エトワールマーケット)

    When my sister was in meeting of Bosz, I received a message from her sayin "is he green gacha is gone temporarily now?!" and that was the time I noticed that the Green Gacha Machine was gone... and I said "yes, but I`m still playing" and she was really surprised and followed me.

    I only have 26k now... I spent about 2k today just to get a lots of the items for my house :3 I`m still saving to expand my room... I don`t wanna load for now `cuz I`m still thinking for a unique  design of my house :) And yeah... my sis was really laughing when I mannered the pink and blue gacha machine XD And it`s also crazy that the Green Gacha says "I`m the Premium Gacha" and it`s only 10 gummies. AHAHAH!

Feel free to visit me ok?! Thanks :3

-MiaRi Étoile


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