Étoile Family Casino Cards

Étoile Family Casino Cards
These cards shows the highest level we have reached.
Red->Silver->Gold->Black. Red ones are not posted(not playing casino)


Last Modified: Jan2012


♥ŜĚņỲŎŗÍŤД said...


฿Δny §тαя and Ŝσℓ Łp said...

XD cool want to be in your family :C

Dragana_Nott said...

:D You have a really cool site. And awesome cards! I have a gold card atm. ^^ I'd love to be in the family. :D Add me on Dragana_Nott.

Yoona Freak said...

Can you give me some tips on Casino? I keep losing. Do you have any tips to win in Slot? Instead of losing?

♠¢нσ¢σмαι♣ said...

I know xD! What I do is bet all and keep playing max! literally all I do...and I'm on gold!

Dragana_Nott said...

Yoona, if you go to the slots (where I usually win great) hit 'play max'. If you run out of credits, switch to another table/chair. That way, your not at the same slot, and it feels like the luck hasn't dried out. Also, I count ten 'play max' hits. If there's ten hits, and I didn't get anything, I switch. If I reach something, I recount.

Of course, depending on your favorite game, you can get tips on it. ^^

xX*Amira*Xx said...

Please I want to join in the Étoile Family please accept me that's my wish in my Birthday D: i want to join please please please

Eternal said...

Holding a Black card this month, but then got blocked and cant go on anymore, i only made 740k this month, gonna get a gold card next month :(
And the month after that, gonna get a red

here are my tips:
-Slot is for earning money, you cant lose a lot from it, so play max and with stones and perfume.
-BJ doesnt earn a lot but boost up your card very fast. yes you earn fast, but you also lose fast, I remember once I started at 400k, after a day of playing, my card said i earned more than 800k but my balance is only 420k
-Also, go download the Auto clicker and slot all night, for me, i can earn like 150k per night, it's really helpful.

for the other games, I dont play them often, so no tips for those >:D


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