Caribbean Quest

    I was really busy yesterday in Pirates doing and completing the quest >_> But I enjoyed it a lot even thought I waited for long just to give the letter to Lily!! I thought that I can`t give it to her because it was really crowded there until when she was already leaving,... I ran faster just to give the flower and I did it! After I give the letter from Lily to Captain... I felt so sad w/o my `Lil Sis.. So I waited for her.

~MaiRie Etoile

(My pictures isn`t a lot `cuz my camera was error-ing =__=)

    Yes, My Sister waited for me and so, when I was in my room... I saw Captain`s invitation and I hurriedly do the quest. I was lucky because it wasn`t that crowded when I waited at the Bar to see Lily, and so, I was able to take a pic. As I get the letter from Lily, I hurriedly went at the Pirate`s boat and gave the letter to Captain.

~MiaRi Etoile

    And atlast! We`ve met. We did our best on finding the Gems. MiaRi got a really hard time on finding them and so I finished the quest first :D but we became Pirates together!

And so, after we completed the Quest, We had a party in my room! And Pirates were invited :D

(Top: ♣☆♥RimaToya♥☆♣ twin, [PC]Jeannego andcute_Xuan~
Bottom: {CupCake}, [G*E] hanggara, MaiRie Etoile,
MiaRi Etoile, DJ brywij and  مجد)

    Thank You Guys for staying there for a little Photo Shoot. I took a lots of time before we take this pic and we did it!

 and there were twins too.. They look really funny! They didn`t know each other thought:)


    ♫=♪★Hєηяу★♪=♫ ! He`s my friend in real life :D I know him for long. We always play reversi before and I teach him too. This kid is really funny! He always tell use jokes .He`s the one who helped me to see Oliver last 2 days ago. He`s now making BIG PANDA in his room inspired by my Cheshire Cat :D


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