Hello Guys! I`m going to introduce to you my friends who are/were in HOT 30

 (Left to Right: GIRA, ♡‿♥Aйgⓔ†Jⓐd♥‿♡,  
jusun, MaiRie Etoile(Me), MiaRi Etoile(`Lil Sis), 
¶PЯ-¶nAmAn-0H¶ , ☆Hello Kitty☆

I have 4 or 5 more friends who are/were in HOT30 but I wasn`t able to contact them..maybe next time :D

Ok, now, I`m gona introduce them to you :D

    This is GIRA, yeah, him. I think everyone knows him. He was the HOT01 before me :D Gira is a really good person! He`s a REAL MAN! He have sportsmanship in every thing. I knew Gira for long as I knew CyberAgent. Gira plays reversi too when he have time... He also usually stay at Japanese Park 01. If you see a Green Character with Clover  there (besides Happy Oliver), Probably it`s him :D

   Again, ♡‿♥Aйgⓔ†Jⓐd♥‿♡. I`ve already introduce him on my previous 2 post. We was 17th but now he`s in 27th. This guy help me a lot! He was the one who helped me to get 3,000 rings last time. So Please! Guys! Visit his room and add it to you`re favorites. :D

     This is jusun. I know him for long! I met him at reversi and that was the time when I play reversi a lot. 2 weeks ago, I saw him at Japanese Park 01 and it`s been a long time since we`ve talked. I even thought that he already forgot me :O and then 3 days ago, he visited my room and he`s also in Hot 30 until his place is Rank 2. We had a talked and I`ve decided to stop hosting events for a while for him to go up and be the HOT 01. But it didn`t work >___> Well, his room is nice too! He won the house contest long time ago ^^ and now, he`s a SUPER RICH MAN!

    ¶PЯ-¶nAmAn-0H¶ <- My Grandson in Pico :O!! Well yeah, I know... I`m too young to be a granny. And the truth is... he`s older than me! Well, it`s a long story... so I can`t share it now.. maybe next time :D Ok, yes...him... He was in the HOT30 promoting he`s Tiger. I think he`s the first pico user who were able to buy the Tiger and the Scooter :D 

Well, check his royal house! It`s full of golds of Egypt and Gem Stones of Casino. If you want to see it, just visit his room and it`ll amaze you his richness! Hahaha XD

❤ƒuℳᎥkᎯ Okana❀

    ☆Hello Kitty☆! She was in HOT30 too! Her house is now a Disco room. LMAO. She`s a really nice person! We became friends just last week!! She`s the one who helped me out to expand my room. It wasn`t expected thought. Well, I really owe her so much! Wish I can do something to express my "thankfulness". I really owe this Girl!

Today`s User: ♡♡Dιαииε♡♡ !!



     She`s my buddy. She visited me today on my house and asked me if she can have a 
photo shoot with me in her house. :D

    This is my house before, VERY SIMPLE! When I started pico.. When  the houses are only 8X8 and this is my old look too.

So don`t forget to ring her  house okay? :D FAVE IT TOO! :D


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