I`ve been very busy since Sunday. I have to study because we have exam this week TT_TT


Anyway, I had photo shoot with the Winners of 1st day and 2nd day :D

Left to Right:
Ayukura, Miko Trith, MaiRie Etoile, Snupy, SecretAgentE☆L, Rex_A
I tried to contact the final day`s winners but our schedule doesn`t match :/ I hope I can take a picture with them next time :D

    I was really surprised when I saw SecretAngentE☆L in my house when I was about to sleep. We had a small talk and he told me that there`s other MaiRie and when I checked, MaiRie Etoile* appeared.

Here`s a pring screen:

    It was really fun doing the head spin together with SecretAngentE☆L our head were actually breaking! It`s like our bodies are getting into pieces.

    And before we -AFK, I took a picture of me and my twin MiaRi while we`re sleeping on the train.


*Namine* said...

You know Root Berry?
Once i was playing with my friends at my house..(some of my friends, +Root berry) She asked "Hunter, can i join?"
(We were playing some fashion show game)
then i said, "Yes" but she didn't know. So she mailed me saying, "UGH! I ASKED YOU IF I COULD JOIN BUT YOU DIDNT ANSWER ME! IM TAKING YOU OFF MY FRIENDS LIST." That got me mad :[ She got me sad__ Also. Is she your friend? Im wondering. I think shes very sensitive...Taking me off her friends list cuz i didnt answer her XD

Etoile Sisters said...

aw, Rootberry and I knew each other because of the Happy oliver.. but she`s not on my list :D But my friend does ^^

sorry for a VERY late reply!

*Namine* said...

Haha, its fine.

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