Even thought I`m busy yesterday... I still played pico but not that much D: I wish our test ends faster!!!

    One of my visitor asked me if we can take  a picture yesterday :D My sisters wasn`t online that time, that`s why she`s not here > :

MaiRie Etoile and shaine 84

    Also, It was really fun chatting with M@nny P@quiao and pisiw.  It`s been a while since I chat with them because I was really busy. iTribe is really fun, I swear. I`ll find time and introduce them to you next time :D

   Andbefore I offline, there were triplets in my room 2... and I was like O__O.

(Left to Right:
MaiRie Etoile, TukangMutilasi, TukanqMutilasi, 
TukangMutiIasi and MiaRi Etoile)

    Oh, also... have you experienced this situation?

    She was asking my E-mail address and password....this isn`t my first time thought. But wow, people like her really surprise me. Like asking you directly your account and it`s like she`ll tell you her`s too. ahaha! That`s so Hilarious! So I kicked her out of my room. I`m not rude right? :D

   And yesterday, while I`m staying at TP1(Tagalog Park 1) I was talking together with friend and this girl.... suddenly sat ony my friend`s right side( and I was on the left). It was so surprising that out back hair style and the color are the same! Also... we`ve got same outfit too.. ahahha Maybe she`s a missing Etoile. 

MaiRie Etoile and Yaptus ヤップツス

*I was alone so I just sat beside that cat(Tobi`s Cat)
and she was laughing because I look crazy*

Oh yeah, about HOT 30! I forgot to post the updates yesterday >< ahaha Today I`m in 7th^^ And we have the 7th HOT30 User: Dear DanieI. Congrats!:D


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