L'Heure Bleue


    Yeah, present for my dear cousin, L'Heure Bleue. Lol, yesterday when she said "Imma gonna get you Gold this afternoon" and then I was like... O__O she`s really serious!!! Actually, she`ll get me and my twin but, she can`t find the 500 UGC cards so... yeah ><


    But MiaRi said, It`s fine..whew.. Such a kind sister O__O And yeah now, I dunno what am I going to buy. Am I going to save it or not? HAHAHA.. well, I`ll just decide later.


    ~Cheery Rose~ Visited me while L'Heure Bleue, MiaRie Etoile and ME! (MaiRie Etoile). At first I can`t really recognize her.. and she kept on telling about the winners of the 3rd batch of the winners in HAPPY OLIVER CAMPAIGN. and Yeah, I recognize her too with his blue hair. She`s ~RootBerry~ ! yeah, ~RootBerry~ and ~CherryRose~ are the same. ~RootBerry~ change her name to ~CherryRose~. GOT IT?

(Left to Right: Not you, L'Heure Bleue, MaiRie Etoile,
 ~Cheery Rose~,MiaRi Etoile and SantaHatesYou•)
With our sleeping pets! hahaha


    yeah, Fan. I know... I have fans but I think just few but I`m happy because there are people who are supporting me :D Well, this is Ashley <3. one of my fan(?) It`s been a while since I host a party and she visited my room. She was really surprised because the owner was actually standing beside her. She was like "OMG! UR THE OWNER?!" and I was like "yeah?" and then she confessed.. l was really O_O an my buddy, ♡♡Dιαииε♡♡ just laugh


(MaiRie Etoile, `SCAR`♡S.M.P ,  ♡ chaaaaaa ♡,
°★shuei★° SMP, tala`SMP.ü)

     While I was staying there at Tagalog Park 01, I saw the quadruplets so I joined them lol XD it was actually fun!. I guess it`s easy to guess who`s me there XD

(MaiRie Etoile,  ♡ chaaaaaa ♡, `SCAR`♡S.M.P
°★shuei★° SMP, tala`SMP.ü)


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L'Heure Bleue

    Yes, her.. my awesome cousin. Well, I met her...Maybe 3 weeks ago? She visited my house when I was still in HOT01. I think she like my room too. That time, we talked a lot of things an that`s the time where everything started. And yeah, right know, I`m doing her favor... BUT THAT`S A SECRET!.. for now :D And today, maybe 45 min.s ago... I got a present from my Santa...I mean cousin. YAY! :D


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