Thanks Giving

    Yesterday, Ameba Pico released another gacha related with "Thanks Giving" event just like last year. The gifts are back and the foods and some items are the same but I can say, the new thanks giving gacha is better than the old one.

    And behalf of that, we would like to thank everyone around us, supporters/fans, readers, true friends and more who are always there to support us; Mia and I, our family; Étoile, our blog: Royal Diaries, Videos; Mai and Mia Story and Pico Rock Band. As well our events such as, photo contests and more! Thank you so much for appreciating of what we are, who we are. Thank you very much for appreciating our efforts. We are going to do our best for everyone!

You guys are the ones who actually inspire us!

    We hope that everyone will keep on supporting for more things related with us. We will be having more events soon so, stay tune!

-Étoile Sisters
Étoile Family
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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