Alice in Wonderland Anniversary!

    It's been a year after I made my room and finally the Anniversary Come!

    I actually finished my room before November 16, 2011 but I decided to make it's anniversary today because, it's the exact day that I finally got in HOT 1after my friend. Gira

    The truth is, I never planned to have Alice in Wonderland. I just made a big cat to be the "attraction" of my room before to enter the Hot 30 after loosing my interest on playing reversi. I decided to make a Big Black Cat, which is one of the important thing in my pico life, Pure♦Dark..

    It was a big black cat with a red ribbon on it's neck and I do love it. But then, when was asking my friends to guess what it is, they usually say: "bat", "rabbit","mouse" and they rarely say "cat". I was like "NOOOO! IT'S A CAT! That's Pure♦Dark!" and they  they'll say like "oh really?! HAHAAHAHA!". Then I thought that I should make something obvious. So since I love cats, and Alice in Wonderland specially Cheshire, I thought that... "Why shouldn't I make it as Cheshire Cat? It'll be unique!" then I started collecting gummies and build Cheshire Cat, Alice, flower and the Caterpillar. And that is the start of EVERYTHING!

    November 22, 2011 when I got 3,004 rings was the legend for me. I never saw somebody having this high numbers of rings. ♡‿♥Aйgⓔ†Jⓐd♥‿♡ a.k.a Jad Étoile now who was in Hot 30 at the same time who helped me on earning few more rings to make it 3,000+ before I go to school and I was so thankful to him! IT'S A LEGEND!

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    And today, I'm in HOT 2. I really had fun spending my time to everyone! An hour before the party start, 5:30pm(Japan time) my room is already full of visitors and congratulating me for my room. I was really happy and exited because 1 more hour, the celebration will start!

    We had Party, Fashion show, Alice in Wonderland (my room) Story telling, food party and autograph + pic time! There were so many people around and 4 of my rooms were full + 50 plus picos were wating XD I was so greatful the see them all and so happy because they are happy for me and my room!

    I really love you guys, thank you for supporting and loving everything of me. Family, pets, room, me, my blog and more! I wish you see how grateful I am.

    Thank You! Thank you for greetings, pictures, fan arts and Love!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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