AG Chance!

Have you heard it?!
You heard it right?! 

    Ameba Pico has a New and Limited Campaign from 2011/12/1 ~ 12/22! But this is also limited for facebook users only.

    By clicking the new pink gift icon saying "CHANCE" on the left side a new window will appear.

    There are limitations of number of spin you can do and it is based on your number of buddies. Here's a guide from Ameba Pico official Guide:

    Just to make it clear. Some people seems so confused regarding this rule. Actually, when the number of your buddies reached 86+, you don't really need to add more people to make it 100 to have more spin. 86 is good enough for you to get 10spin per day and you don't really have to force your self on adding unknown people around!

     I hope this would help. And as for now, we got small amount of AG. It was only 10 but it made me happy because AG is hard to get in this gacha. It's really RARE. XD

    So Don't forget to log in everyday and spin! Who knows? You might get the NUMBER ONE PRIZE!!


☆Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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