Anna's Place

     It's been a while since Anna onlined! I rushed out to her room when I saw the notice and hurriedly say "hi" to her. I was afraid she got dc and can't able to play pico because of low internet connection or something so yeah! I missed my daughter!

    Then I called Étoiles for them to see Anna and I also introduced Nayumi for being one of the new Étoile Nobles. We took a pictures inside her room.

     And then I called our friends and other people who haven't met her and it was fun inside her house. They thought me on how to speak in bahasa and I got really confused. I'm still doing my best on remembering the words.

        And then we had shopping at Christmas Park with Anna. Then after, I have to go because I have other things to work on and Anna have to do her works in university.

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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omg im the cat the face can only be seen

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