Snowy NYC

    New York City Down Town finally decorated in Christmas version plus new items that you can buy from shops in down town!

Rinarina Shop

    Check out the new clothes for this year's Christmas! Soon, last year's Christmas items will be release as well so, don't miss it!

Broadway Boutique

    New Chritmas Gifts for this year! Also, don't miss the upcoming 2010's Christmas items!

     Don't miss on collecting the gifts and get cool items only available for this year's Christmas season. These items are limited 100%! So don't miss your change to get them! Buy 3 gifts and get a White Christmas tree!


    And get the gifts inside the box on Christmas!! Isn't exiting? Well, if you want some ideas about the fit inside, take a look at this.

    Also, last year's  Christmas Gacha is back as well!

    The GM gacha was also changed into Chritsmas Version so, don't miss the cool items from it! We will be making another guide soon and we hope it could help!

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRi Étoile 


Lavi D' Mango♡ said...

Merry Christmas Mai!
Have a sweet Christmas Day!
Mai Santa <3
and Mia Santa <3
Bye bye~ ^~^
Arigato Hehehhe

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