Sky of Étoiles

a.k.a Happy Clover/Neko Étoile

    Today is one of Étoile's birthday, it's Sora!  He rarely online because he is busy in real life due with his personal reason but still, ge gets online when he is free.

    We weren't ale to celebrate it with him because I was busy for my exam and other stuffs and I didn had enough time to bond with him. But I am willing to celebrate his birthday soon when we get online and met on pico even though its late!

    I really love this guy and he helped me a lot. He's one of my best buds on pico and it made me miss him more! Waaaa!!!

    So let's greet him a Happy Birthday on his room board!

☆Étoile Sisters
Étoile Royal Étoile
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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