Pico Upgarde!

    Just today, after the maintenance...there are lot's of changes on Ameba Pico aside on having a campaign regarding the gacha and get a chance to win 10,000 AG. Today, Ameba Pico also updated the GM Gacha(Gummies Gacha) with Christmas items and mostly are from Ameba Pigg. GM Gacha's prize on spinning also changed from 100 to 300 gummies per spin. Yes, It's more expensive, x3 of the original prize. We're not sure if this is only for Christmas because of the "Limited Items" in it or it'll be forever. We are going to try to confirm this to the admins later on.

Introducing the NEW GM Gacha!

     See? Aren't they cool?! As Pico Staff said, it will worth the items you'll get! Oh wait! You can aslo have a chance to get Token EASIER than usual! So don't miss the chance!

    Also, if you are curious and if you wanted to see the new items, we got a special guide for everyone that could help you have an idea regarding the new items! Mai and I prepare this for everyone!!

GM Gacha New items! Click to go to the ALBUM
    We hope that this album could help you having an idea ad target items! Remember that most of them are only for Christmas season. Good Luck!


    Also, we would like to inform everyone again about the Ways of how to earn Gummies. Ameba Pico changed the ways and we are sorry to say that our video regarding the video we made "How to earn more than 1300 gummies"wont work 100% anymore due to the changes of amount of gummies, props and ring.

So here's the new way from Ameba Pico's Official Blog.
  • Receive Pico Props:10Gummies/once (Up to 200 Gummies/day)
  • Receive “Ring”s:10Gummies/once (Up to 200 Gummies/day)
  • Give Pico Props:5Gummies/once (Up to 100 Gummies/day)
  • Give”Ring”s:5Gummies/once (Up to 100 Gummies/day)
  • Eat/Drink:5Gummies (Up to 100 Gummies/day)
  • Share your food/drinks: 5Gummies (Up to 100 Gummies/day)
  • Change your clothes:50Gummies (Once a day)
  • Play Games
    Aside from that,.. the meter is also gone. For some reason, maybe they removed it for the "limitation" of number of gummies we could earn to be removed as well?

☆Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


Azuka said...

Mai :) that's my room in pico the last pic says "gone :c" XDD waah my room now popular lol :)

btw .. thanks for taking a pic :D
ILY <3

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