Fave Hacking

    Hello everyone! To all picos who are very active on visiting the hot 30 rooms, to all who's in hot 30 as well. I know everyone of you are aware about the issue about the decrease of the number of favorites per room in hot 30. I think this is really serious because Ethan, who's in  hot 1 is being accused by many for hacking the faves of other rooms.

    Well, are you sure about this rumor? I talked to Ethan last month, November 27 that someone is hacking his faves and its tiring to put them back. I, my self doesn't know how to help him because there are so many picos who know the fave cheat and I'm really aware of that because the number of hackings and cheating are increasing. Ethan showed me a message from someone who's hacking his room faves and blaming him w/o any reason. Please take a look on the picture below.

    This pico user was the one who's suspected on hacking Ethan's room faves and probably who hacked everyone's fave. That's why, I don't believe with the rumors w/o any proof because I think  it is the lamest thing ever. And it's really sad to say that it's hard to find out who's in fault  because of numbers of hackers and cheaters as well as the numbers of picos who get online everyday and its hard to get proofs unless the hacker admitted it him/herself.

    So please stop blaming someone regarding this issue. You should be aware of someone's feeling. Don't believe things you heard because it is said by or friend, close friend, best friend or family in pico because there is no proof. For now, even it's like it is hope less to hear,.. we should just get over it and accept what it is and how it is now.

    This post isn't really for Ethan because we are friends but the purpose of this is that, I'm telling just everyone to stop the non-sense rumors. And I am saying this because, I was accused once. Please put down your pride and widen your understanding. Thank you.
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MaiRie Étoile


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