Mr. No Name

    I just met a pico user in the pet farm who's collecting Lesser Panda. Just like me, he was also finding for a white one while waiting at New Zealand. But I'm still thinking if I should send back one of my pet to the farm because I already got 5 tigers. I didn't really expected that the Lesser Pandas will be that common specially the color I have. You guys know me, I want something rare and unique >_<

    He was nice after all and adviced me not to  send one of my pet back to the farm. Still, I'll think about it later on XD So yeah, I want you guys to see his pets.

     I will really be happy for him if he finally get a white Lesser Panda wishing him luck on finding and waiting. Though, Faith Étoile have seen one already. Wish I was there. And here's a picture when our pets lined up. 5 Lesser Panda with different color.

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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