We All Exist

To everyone who will be able to read this.
      We the Etoiles and other known picos does EXIST. We are not fake because of our 'virtual characters'. Those are just the same with the 'Anime Characters' you guys love. Those characters doesn't exist but there, the animators and voice actors exist to make those 'anime characters' alive which is just the same of Ameba Pico Characters. We the person in real life make a virtual character and make it alive.

Etoile Family, other family or groups DOES exist too. May not be in actual REAL Life but it's part of the CONTROLLER'S REAL LIFE. It is also the same with the student council in our school. It only exist INSIDE the school but not OUTSIDE the school. Still,.. there is the word 'exist'.

It's just like, there is a city in a city, and in that city there will be another city.
A group in a group, and another group in that gorup.

In other term, there here we call Universe and in universe, milky way galaxy exist, in that galaxy a lot of stars exist and there is earth, in earth there are islands.. in that islands, mostly are countries that has people. Those people have their OWN world depends on their way of living. Those worlds are depends in their age, hobbies, way of living and on where they will find their happiness. To make it applicable with the users around here are the worlds I'm talking about; School, Anime, Family, Cyber(internet), games and more.

A school can be an example of a country and it has a lot of people manage by a principal which is the president. We meet people who matches to us. There where nursery to major degree exist. For example, in nursery there are sections.

In anime. In real life, lots of people like anime and it could be consider as a group. And in that group there are people who like lolita, gothic, shoujo, shounen and more which are considered as a group. And in each group, for example shoujo; there's lot of anime in the genre.. such as Shugo Chara(This is known, as I know) and there where another group exist.

So for internet WORLD, there are games, chat, surfing. I could also say; Facebook world, Twitter world, youtube world and more. So let's go to the game/chat world.. where Ameba Pico exist. In Ameba Pico there are countries, in that countries there are people.. and those people make group and there were we ETOILES exist as well as the other family and group. All of us in a group also make a group, for example ETOILES has PRB, VIP. And in PRB there PRB and PRB GX exist. And in PRB, PRB Academy? EXIST and in that ACADEMY there are batches from 1-10+?

Since we are in the game. Our Ameba Pico Virtual characters isn't different from the other characters of game such as ragnarok, ran, tantra, dota and other characters in a game.

And I think I'm getting too deep now but I want you guys to know we all EXIST. How about you? The people who says WE DONT EXIST.. so you telling your pico doesn't exist either?

I hope this post will help you guys at least, understand my point.

A country in a country. A city in a city. A group in a group. And ofcourse.. on those worlds, groups... WE ARE PART OF IT.. the PEOPLE / MEMBERS DOES EXIST.

There will be no school, country,government groups, ETOILE and other fam/group if nobody will be part of it. WE the people in real life make our virtual character, make friends and meet pepole, make a group/family in a world(Ameba Pico world).

If you guys say we don't exist.. then our works such as this blog, videos, games and more shouldn't be existed from the first place as well.

For your information. We are not illusions, dream or sweet night mare.


☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


wow717 said...

OF COURSE YOU DO I TALK TO CHU ETOILE ALL THE TIME! if you were fake how would you get all the different clothes, and photos and collect pets etc. ~ nick star

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