ETC Contest

    Hello everyone! I would like to inform you that Eric is having a contest! Don't miss your chance to show your creativity and win! Also, check out his page for more events he's helding https://www.facebook.com/ericisboredetoile. Enjoy and have fun!!!

Mechanics of the contest::

  • This is my first ETC Contest for all Pigg/Pico users.
    Please do not post anymore than two entries.
    ♪ Draw:
    You must draw me, Eric. I will post some examples soon. Please draw a full body. You can do this electronically or by hand.
    ♪ Create a banner:
    Size of a banner: 851 px by 315 px.
    Be creative as you can! You can put as text "Like my page!" etc.
    ♪ Edit pictures:
    You may edit any picture that I have.

    There will only be three winners.
    1ST: Buddy request - 10,000 gummies - Drawing request.
    2ND: 5,000 gummies - Drawing request.
    3RD: 2,500 gummies.

    - - -
    Editting softwares:
    - Adobe Photoshop
    - Pizap
    - PicMonkey
    Or you can use any other software you have.

    Have fun! This will last for around three weeks

For further updates please check out the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/218722411587148/

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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