Well, Since yesterday... Theres an error in pico right? The common problem was the Servers. Mostly, you wait for long because it full in a weird way. And yesterday, I waited for long to go in TP1. I waited more than 20 minutes... and when I came in...

I was alone there!

    And when I got home, I opened my pico but it was error again! It was like the end of the Pico World XD

It was like the heaven fell down the on the earth

But not it`s fixed... and I`m relived about that.


together with  ^ω^ミ❤ოყბႪi sმn [A∩м]*þõήķαηα

   While I was staying there because I have nothing to do. Chess Royals were coming little by little and we took some picutres and lol! We were actually like "Desperadas" (Filipino People know about this comedy movie) but they are actually four.

And Guess what!
[A∩м]*þõήķαηα ,  •̪●ku|asa and MaiRie Etoile

    Someone there were different from us! Like in the Desperadas, they have a 5th sister and she was completely different... Like she`s from mountain or something. hahaha XD But actually, •̪●ku|asa doesn`t have the gown. She spend almost 2k but she wasn`t able to get it, only the crown.

    Together with [A∩м]*þõήķαηα while waiting for ^ω^ミ❤ოყბႪi sმn. We had a really hard time on taking pictures because people keep coming around us ><


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